Now Now Now

Current focus

Right now I am teaching myself AI/ML.

I currently work as an Opto-mechanical (R&D) engineer for high precision gas sensing and research

I am playing with an olive oil sensor that detects the oxidation/quality of extra virgin olive oil

I am learning to make candles for Christmas presents!

Prior Focuses

Solana, NFTs and crypto in general. Yes, I went from crypto to AI. If that bothers you, well, here we are. I am attempting to bias learning as I am early in my career. Crypto was important for system design, user interactions and marketing. Every successful scam had an incredibly successful marketer. I don't condone scams but you can learn from anyone. Designing systems on the scale of crypto that scale dynamically and are robust to human value extraction/abuse is difficult. I love seeing how these systems play out. Not enough people think dynamically. This is evidenced by minimum wage. Ignoring the pros and cons, why is it not pegged to inflation?

Thermal suits! I implemented a peltier based recirculating cooler that could be implemented in a suit. I still need to finish plastic welding the suit portion. I got distracted because heating became my primary concern and it was simple enough to make a sauna bag with a sleeping bag and heating blanket. Total cost < 50$.

I designed and tested a sensing array based on IOT wifi signals. This sensing array could be used to track people throughout buildings, take heart rate and breathing rate. I think this is obviously going to be a thing that proliferates. It will probably be incorporated into smart light switches and tied to a system which modulates light, heat, etc in buildings for individuals enjoyment. I got a bit bored with this project. It was fun to implement frequency extraction techniques which I have used at work and in other projects.